ATC will be exhibiting at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition in Citywest on January 31st next. Specifically we will be exhibiting our lean factory offering.

Lean Factory Ireland is the premier lean equipment provider in Ireland whose mission is to accompany those who are on their lean journey. Our solutions help you to reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve space utilisation. Other solutions provided include a lean modular system that allows users build bespoke solutions designed specifically for their process. These bespoke benches/trolleys/workstations/racks help eliminate unnecessary work and improve material flow. We work with clients to ensure that they have the best designs for their process and people. We also provide a floor marking range that includes floor tapes, signs, walkways and more. This range of products help you visually manage your process, clearly identifying process areas and communicating essential information to workers.

We are more than happy to meet you and learn more about your process, and suggest how we might be able to assist you. For more details on the exhibition go to


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