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Flowtube - the versatile Lean solution

Download our brochure on Flowtube for more details on how this system provides a versatile, modular system for Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 applications, uniquely integrating both steel and aluminium po­les, joints & components.

FlowTube is a versatile modular component system, made from interconnecting tubes and joints, to streamline processes and reduce waste within organisations. The systems are designed to suit a wide variety of applications including manual handling, storage, assembly and lean manufacturing. The product is supplied in both steel and aluminium, off­ering improved flexibility and recyclability when compared to traditional fabrication methods.

Solutions are simple to design, quick to assemble and are completely reusable, suiting environments where Kaizen (continuous improvement) or Lean Manufacturing methods are employed. Assembled solutions can be quickly and easily modified, changed or rebuilt into something completely different. Only basic technical skills are required to achieve desired results; assemblies can be quickly constructed without the need for special tooling and require no welding or painting. There is little waste, as structures can easily be modified or rebuilt. The tube and joint components may be reused to build new solutions allowing continuous and cost effective improvement to designs.

Tubes are steel/aluminium pipes, nominally 28 mm in outer diameter, ABS plastic-coated in various colour ­finishes or stainless steel. Painted ­finish available as special order. Steel Tube Range is 28mm outside diameter Aluminium Tube Range is 28mm, 33mm & 43mm outside diameter. Joints consist of interlocking steel / aluminium bracket components, clamped over the tubes and fastened into position with captive nuts and socket head bolts. Accessories, including roller tracks, castors, hinges, latches and a wider range of other components ­fix to the tubular framework in a simple snap or clip-on manner. Basic tools are required for assembly. Tools to include: a hacksaw to cut the tubes, a 5 mm Allen key for rapid assembly of joints and a measuring tape to ensure solutions are cut and built to size.

Flowtube for Lean Manufacturing & Production

FlowTube enables waste elimination, focussing resources on value added process, achieved by:

  • Space saving – solutions are created to maximise storage space and reduce footprint
  • Time saving – improve the flow of products, reducing waiting or TAKT times
  • Ergonomics – designs are tailored towards specific picking or assembly operations
  • Cost saving – waste is eliminated, defects minimised, production efficiency increases

ATC Provide a wide range of solutions for lean manufacturing and production in Ireland. Contact us for more information.

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