72 Tote Holder Inventory Cabinet

Recently, we had a client come to us and enquire about the production of a Tote Holder that ensures safety of parts during long journeys on the road. A tote is used to safely and efficiently store your goods or parts within it. However, during transportation there is a risk that these goods or parts may get damaged. 

This is often a starting point for many of our clients. They come to us with a concern or an inquiry and we are more than happy to help them. This help usually begins in the form of a visit to the customer so we can really get an insight into what they are looking for and how we can best fulfil their needs. In the case of the tote holder, ensuring safe transportation of parts was crucial for the customer. Our clients were looking for a robust method of protecting parts during road transportation whilst also keeping the parts clean and in line with the their sanitisation standards. After we met with the client and understood their needs, we then came up with a design that fulfils the functions requirements.

The 72 Tote Holder Inventory Cabinet was developed for the customer that was in line with their safety and sanitary needs whilst also ensuring the most efficient use of the trolley’s footprint. Our design team uses AutoCAD to produce precise 3D drawings to give our clients an idea of what they are to expect. Within the 3D design, the client can see exact measurements and even a first person view, allowing them to get an idea of what the ergonomics of the trolley are. 


As this was an ergonomics design we wanted to ensure ease of usage for the operator while also ensuring the safety of the products and the parts inside it. The design stage is crucial to ensure we meet the exact requirements of the customer. At all times during the design stage we were stressing the functionality of the holder. The most important question we had at all times was how we could best protect the totes. For this order, the tote holder had 12 shelves each able to hold up to 6 totes per shelf, allowing for 72 totes in total. After the design stage, we then consult with the customer to ensure we’ve reached all of their needs. We proceed to come up with a quotation and if our customer finds it acceptable they submit a purchase order or pay a proforma invoice. The product is built and delivered within 4-5 weeks of when we first meet the client.

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