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Industrial Trolleys

Bespoke industrial trolleys for lean manufacturing and warehousing operations. Our modular lean system allows for bespoke solutions designed around your specific process.

Industrial Trolleys For A Wide Range Of Businesses:

Our high-quality industrial trolleys are designed to work within multiple industries. They are the perfect solution for the loading and offloading of products. Typically, businesses have safety concerns around the stacking of product and there is often no storage system while testing was being carried out. Also, loading and unloading processes can be inefficient with employees handling products multiple times unnecessarily. Our bespoke stainless-steel trolleys reduce / eliminate manual handling. Our industrial trolleys are designed for businesses to reduce manual lifting, increase safety with height adjustable trolleys, improve visibility of inventory / scheduling sequence using first in first out and reduce time delays through ease of access.

Benefits of industrial trolleys:

  • Ease of movement of material to desired locations.
  • Improved employee safety & ergonomic presentation of product / parts.
  • Improve inventory control.
  • Reduce quality issues with product protection.
  • Improved space utilisation of work area.
  • Improve picking speed.
  • Add on accessories available, scanner & tablet holders, etc.
  • Easy to re-configure or modify to suit changing needs.

In addition, our products are ergonomically designed to meet lean manufacturing and continuous improvement (kaizen) principles and we can provide a fully Electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliant solution where required.


Sample trolleys: 

  • Point of Use Trolley
    Table trolleys can be used to hold common parts that can be easily moved to the desired location.
  • Picking Trolley
    Ideal for collecting product and semi-finished goods in the warehouse. Typically used for product to be dispatched or for parts required for assembly.
  • Kitting Trolleys are typically used in assembly areas. They allow time to be saved on the assembly and processing of parts by having all the kit available in one place. This ensures product is assembled right first time and reduces operator error. Any unused parts are immediately visible which allows for errors to be rectified quickly which supports 5S principles.
  • Changeover Trolley
    Typically used to shorten manufacturing down time or set-up times by having all the tools or parts organised on a trolley which supports 5S principles.
  • Product Protection Trolley:
    Ideal for transporting sensitive or critical to quality (CTQ) finished products to the final assembly process.

Customer Stories


See how the use of trolleys allowed for:

  • Improved ergonomics with trolley heights designed to provide ease of access
  • Improved safety with trolleys designed specifically for purpose
  • Space utilisation increased by 28% per trolley
  • Reduced time spent waiting and searching for parts
  • Increased visibility allowing for better inventory control

For specific details on this project for a company in the Life Sciences sector

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