In this case study, we showcase our successful collaboration with a prominent medical device company, where we designed a bespoke trolley unit to accommodate a specific piece of measuring equipment. Read below to find out the specifics of the design and use our tools to get the best sense of what we offer.

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This solution was designed to minimise the footprint of the unit while also ensuring all necessary tools were easily accessible to the operator. Our design team worked closely with the client to create a solution that maximized efficiency and convenience. By strategically organizing the shelving and integrating specialized compartments, we ensured that all tools were within easy reach, eliminating unnecessary movements and reducing operational downtime.

The unit is also fitted with overhead lighting for inspection purposes. This thoughtful addition provides ample illumination, allowing operators to conduct thorough inspections of the measuring equipment, ultimately enhancing quality control and ensuring precise measurements.

To meet the specific demands of our client, we selected premium materials and construction techniques. The entire unit was crafted using durable aluminum profiles, which provide strength and stability while remaining lightweight. The shelving and worktop were made from high-pressure laminate (HPL), offering excellent resistance to wear, chemicals, and moisture. Furthermore, polycarbonate panels were installed on the sides of the unit, providing visibility while maintaining a secure and controlled environment. The unit was also equipped with castors to allow for effortless repositioning and flexibility within the workspace. Operators can easily move the unit to optimize workflow, making it an ideal solution for evolving operational requirements.

Preserving accurate measurements is paramount in any medical device manufacturing process. To prevent unwanted airflow around the measuring equipment, we ensured that the back and side panels of the unit were carefully designed. By incorporating only two cable feedthrough holes in the back panel, we maintained the necessary integrity while guaranteeing minimal interference with the surrounding environment.

Overall, this unit provides:

  • Accurate Measurements. The unit’s design restricts airflow, ensuring precise and consistent measurements for enhanced quality control.
  • Space Optimization. The unit maximizes available space, enabling efficient utilization of the facility.
  • Inspection Support. The integrated overhead lighting assists operators in conducting thorough inspections, ensuring product integrity.
  • Easy Access to Tools. The specialized shelving design ensures that all necessary tools are within reach, promoting operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

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