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Flow Rack Solutions

Bespoke flow racks to minimise operator movement and maximise production output. Our modular lean system allows for bespoke solutions designed around your specific process.

Flow Racks For Numerous Industries:

Flow racks enable businesses to better use space and create a better flow of product which to make it safer and easier for operators to access product.  Our flow racks can be designed for a wide range of industries that have busy warehouses and factory floors.Businesses production space is often encroached on when products are stored on pallets. Production time is also lost due to the product being stored in multiple locations and operators were having to spend time searching for the right parts. Also, without flow racks there is no system to use up aged inventory before more recently receipted stock.  Other issues include damaged parts and a work environment that can be potentially unsafe for employees. Our flow racks are suitable for all industries because they:

  • Reduce space required for storing product
  • Reduce inventory through using flow racks
  • Reduce the number of defective parts arriving to production
  • Prevent time waiting and searching for parts
  • Improve traceability and visible identification of locations

Click here to see how we have previously designed flow racks to help businesses improve their storage and efficiency.

Benefits of industrial flow rack solutions:

  • Eliminate unnecessary work and improve material flow.
  • Implement a FIFO (First In First Out) stock management system.
  • Improve stock control such as items with a limited shelf-life.
  • Optimise valued production space.
  • Reduce picking time.
  • Reduce picking errors.
  • Improved ergonomics.
  • Suitable for Kanban principles
  • Optional self-loading/off-loading (semi-automated)

In addition, our products are ergonomically designed to meet lean manufacturing and continuous improvement (kaizen) principles and we can provide a fully Electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliant solution where required.


Sample flow racks:

  • ESD Flow Rack
  • FIFO Gravity Flow Rack
  • Line Side Rack
  • Karakuri Rack

Customer Stories


See how the use of FIFO racks allowed for:

  • Inventory reduction / optimisation
  • Improved traceability of product
  • Improved space utilisation
  • Improved ergonomics / safety
  • Reduced time spent searching for parts

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