Do you need to create an effective floor marking strategy that meets the specific needs of your company 5S program and safety plan?

Companies are increasingly viewing floor marking as a component of the 5S lean manufacturing methodology. Essentially, it helps the Set in Order step. Everything is organized and has its place, from heavy machinery to garbage cans. Floor marking can cordon off these areas or show employees where to find them.

While safety is a clear goal for floor marking, the same process can also be used to meet other important business needs. It can help facilities:

  • Indicate where inventory should be stored.
  • Define loading and unloading areas for inventory.
  • Mark aisles, pathways, and hazardous areas.
  • Help visitors find their way around unfamiliar areas.
  • Direct the flow of traffic within the facility.

For our Floor Marking Guidelines which incorporate widely used floor marking colours click for our 5S Colour Guidelines.and the four key steps to floor tape installation. For more details see our Floor Markings and Matting.

If you have a requirement for floor tape or graphics ,please feel free to contact a member of our sales team at ATC Group on +353 61 708140 or email

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