Physical Distancing and Visual Management in a Manufacturing Environment

Physical Distancing Solutions

ATC has started to supply customers with screens for physical distancing purposes in the last few weeks along with some ergonomic workstations. ATC can provide complete assembly cells and workstation partitions to eliminate cross-contamination thus ensuring health and safety standards are met whilst at the same time maintaining productivity.

Divider screens can be designed and manufactured using our Flowtube system. These screens can be made mobile or static and to suit specific customer requirements. This particular one is made from Light Weight Aluminium so is easy to move/handle and PETG clear panels. When social distancing is no longer required this solution can be taken apart and re-used for other solutions (like whiteboadrds).

Visual Management Solutions

In conjunction with this ATC can also provide a range of floor markings and signage that can help assist companies during Covid19.  The signage makes it easy to identify that the appropriate social distancing is being maintained.  These solutions are made from resilient material that will withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and spills such as water and chemicals. The signage is easy to clean and in addition to the vibrancy of the signage it does not fade with exposure to UV light – another added benefit.

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*Augmented reality experience is currently supported on the following devices: iPhone on iOS 12 and Android 8.0 with ARCore 1.9 support.

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