Do you want to reduce your Line Marking Tape cost?

How can tape reduce reduce your maintenance cost you might ask?

1. Can be installed in minutes.

2. Is engineered to stand up to demanding conditions from cracked, damaged or slippery surfaces to constant foot and industrial vehicle traffic.

3. Damage always happens, but with our tape all you have to do is cut out the damaged section and replace with new.

4. As you continuously improve the area layout changes will naturally occur; all you have to do is pull up and re-lay. No need for grinding and re-painting the area again.

It is tough material for your tough workplace, so go ahead, be demanding. Want to see it for yourself ?

Put a YES in our LinkedIn page and one of our Team at ATC Group will send you a sample pack along with some Covid floor signage to test.

Below is a picture of our light weight Aluminium FlowTube Tape Trolley which we use around the facility. This helps us keep all the necessary tape & tools organized for Line Marking during 6S projects.

For more on our visual management solutions click here

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*Augmented reality experience is currently supported on the following devices: iPhone on iOS 12 and Android 8.0 with ARCore 1.9 support.

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