ATC Group are leaders in industrial storage rack design and manufacturing. All our bespoke storage racks are manufactured specifically to meet individual client storage needs. Our specialist engineers ensure all our racks are designed to meet the most stringent health and safety regulations including safe working loads.

We can assist you in customising your storage racks to meet your material flow requirements.  As processes change, simply adapt or redesign the existing storage rack by changing the angle of rollers, height of shelves or increase the storage depth and height. Key Benefits include:

  • Create shelving space designed for different sized cartons
  • Add dedicated lighting or signage for Kanban system
  • Mix static and roller shelve to provide complete material storage

What are the main types of industrial storage rack design?

An important part of how we work is first taking the time to understand your processes and listen to your requirements. Different industries such as pharmaceuticals and logistics have different storage and material handling needs. We work with Irish businesses to ensure our innovative rack designs improve their business through increased efficiency and by removing non value adding activities. Examples of the different types of storage racks include:

Duraflow Carton Flow Racks From Converted Pallet Racks

DuraFlow DF2 is a carton live storage product that converts most brands of pallet racks and long-span shelving systems into carton flow racks, whether double- or single-sided bays, using either our heavy duty GP40 or standard duty GP35 roller tracks and suitable adaptor components and profiles. FIFO (first in, first out) stock is automatically presented ‘ready to pick’, resulting in shorter picking routes and faster pick rates.

Pigeon Storage Racks

Our pigeon storage racks have full-length dividers to create individual open-front sections. The design means shelf height can easily be adjusted which is important for businesses where the stock levels are regularly changing. Our stainless-steel design also provides protection against rust and damage overtime. The pigeon storage racks can be easily customised for specific sizes and shapes.,

Mobile Storage Racks

At ATC Industrial, we design and manufacture bespoke mobile storage racking systems for better use of your existing space. Our mobile storage racks will dramatically improve the organisation within your warehouse. Our heavy-duty mobile racking systems are durable and safe to ensure even the most stringent safety regulations are surpassed. Our innovative mobile storage racks will optimise your storage processes to save time and increase profit within your business.

Gravity Flow Racks

Gravity flow racks are the ideal solution to implement a FIFO (First In First Out) stock management strategy. Designing flow racks with inclined roller tracks can apply FIFO principles by moving stock forward towards the picking line, with loading done from the higher end of the shelf. FIFO racking allows items with a shelf-life to keep moving forward and new stock to be loaded without impeding the picking side.

In Kanban systems, you can integrate a return lane that inclines in the opposite direction for empty bins and totes to be sent back to the loading side for reuse.

Industries We Serve

At ATC Industrial, we work with a wide range of sectors providing high-quality industrial storage rack designs. We provide innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical, medical devices, food and beverage, aerospace and logistics. Our industry expertise allows us to design specific racks that are tailored to the specific requirements of each industry. For example:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Our range of industrial storage rack designs are perfect for the pharmaceutical industry whether the facility is focused on developing, manufacturing, or distributing products. Due to the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry, our custom storage racks make issues like safety and traceability easy to manage. Our racking systems can be designed for smaller product storage. There are multiple advantages of bespoke storage solutions for the pharmaceutical industry like increased picking efficiency and reduced product damage.

  • Logistics Industry

Well-designed industrial storage racks are essential in the logistical industry. Fast-moving inventory needs to be stored safely while being easily accessible. Our industrial storage rack designs can be tailored to suit  your warehouse requirements and to improve pick and pack operations. Our mobile storage racks and carton flow racks immediately improve logistical warehousing processes by increasing the efficiency of the order fulfillment processes.

Learn More

Our team of in-house industrial storage rack design specialists are experts in the manufacturing of bespoke storage racks for multiple industries. We can analyse your storage requirements and design racks tailor made for your needs. Feel free to contact our team with any queries regarding your storage needs today.


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