LEAN Solutions

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These lean solutions show how we can assist in the implementation of lean principles and lean methodology to your lean environment whether it be lean production, lean manufacturing or lean operations.  Our lean modular system is ideal for process improvements or kaizen continuous improvement projects. 

Benefits include greater space utilization, improved safety, improved ergonomics, more visual controls, greater traceability, inventory reduction and/or increased accuracy.  Each case study identifies which of the 7 wastes of lean  or as they are better known by their acronym – TIMWOOD (Transportation – Inventory – Motion – Waiting – Overproduction – Overprocessing – Defects – Skills) were impacted as well as improvement impacts.  



Materials Storage Issue (ESD Materials)Inventory reduction; Space Optimisation; Improved Safety (Ergonomic); Improved traceability of product; Time Optimisation


Material Transportation & Traceability of ProductReduction in parts missing; Time optimisation; Visual Ease; Improved Safety; Poka-Yoke and Point of Use Trolleys to ensure accuracy

Manufacturing – Medical Device

Height Adjustable WorkstationsFlexibility; Improved Safety (Ergonomic); Time optimisation

Life Sciences

Material TransportationSpace Utilisation; Ergonomic; Safety; Time optimisation

Engineering (Heavy Industry)

Material StorageSpace Optimisation; Reduced Picking Time; Improved Safety; Time Optimisation


Material HandlingReduction of Manual Handling; Reduced Manual Lifting; Improved Safety; Improved Traceability; More Visual Control

Contact us today to discuss how we might be able to assist you whether it be industrial racking solutions, material handling solutions, first in first out inventory management, modular storage, point of use trolleys, warehousing racking systems, workbenches including height adjustable tables, ergonomic workstations, kanban systems, etc. 


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