Case Study | Aerospace Sector



Our client was looking for a solution to solve a transportation and presentation issue. 


Testing and assembly of electric motors.



Our Role

Help develop and design a trolley to hold the kits required and produce a shadow board to hold inventory.

The Challenges

Our customer required inventory to be set in order and visible during the build process. Parts were also getting damaged and a reduction / elimination of defects was imperative. 

The Solution

Our initial approach was to visit the client’s site to observe their current process.  

Develop and design a trolley and shadowboard to hold the kits and parts required during the build process.

This would lead to

  • improved safety and ergonomics
  • all parts being stored in an organised manner for each type of assembly.
  • visual confirmation that all parts were available. 
  • time optimization – less time wasted searching for parts.
  • product defects reduced due to customised part storage locations.

The Outcome


The outcome for our client was as follows:

  • Reduction of parts missing by 100%.
  • Visually the customer can see immediately if inventory is available to start product build. 
  • Reduced time waiting and searching for parts.
  • Ergonomic design as unit presents items easily and allows for ease of access. This reduces the movements needed to complete each working task. 
  • Poka-Yoke trays which only allow for exact parts to fit into tray for a product buid. 
  • Point of use trolley which holds shadow boards for production builds in an organised and mobile manner. 


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*Augmented reality experience is currently supported on the following devices: iPhone on iOS 12 and Android 8.0 with ARCore 1.9 support.

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