Industrial Floor Mats

Industrial floor mats includes ergonomic matting or anti-fatigue matting which is becoming more and more important for those that stand for long periods of time every day. The average production person spends over 7 hours per day on their feet, much of that time standing in the same area. Anti-fatigue matting promotes better circulation and reduces fatigue. 

In addition to anti-fatigue matting, other industrial floor mats include adhesive matting, and safety floor matting. Other offerings include anti static floor mats and ESD matting. ESD mats are for critical environments where static dissipation is necessary and carts or trolleys must be accommodated. It is an exceptional solution for electronics assembly operations. 

ATC has partnered with Ergomat so as to be able to offer you best in class solutions that are not only offer 100% recyclable but are also a durable solution. For more details on our lean offerings contact us today. 

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