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Our client asked us to engage with them to see how we might work with them to improve their storage system in their labs.

The trollies beng used did not suit ther requirements and the product was unsafe from a loading / unloading perspective. In addition air circulation around some product was an issue. 


Medical equipment company specializing in sterilization and surgical products.


Medical Devices.

Our Role

Collaboration to design a storage system to suit the customer’s laboratory environment. 

The Challenges

Our customer wanted to improve material transportation within their laboratories. The trollies they had were no longer fit for purpose and there were safety concerns around the loading and unloading of product.  The incubation rooms could not accommodate the volume of product required due to the size of the trollies. Access was also an issue given the constraints of the narrow and low door frames. 

The Solution

Our initial approach was to visit the client’s site to observe their current process.  

The solution consisted of building stainless steel transportation trollies with chemical resistant surfaces.These units were designed for purpose thus offering safety and ergonomic improvements as well as increasing space utilization and visibility of parts. 

The Outcome


The outcome for our client was as follows:

  • Space utilization increased by 28% per trolley.
  • Reduced time waiting and searching for parts.
  • Ergonomic improvement as unit presents items at the best height and postion for easy access.
  • Safety improved with units designed for purpose.
  • Visualy the customer can see immediately if inventory is in control.


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