Case Study | Heavy Engineering Sector



Our client had an issue with material storage. The goods inwards store was at full capacity. In addition the transportation of parts was manually intensive and there were safety concerns too.


Manufacturer of cold storage transport units. 


Heavy Engineering. 

Our Role

Improve space utilization and reduce the time transporting material from stores to production line.

The Challenges

Our initial approach was to visit the client’s site to observe their current process.  

Develop and design a standard modular solution that 

  • was suited to the working environment.
  • would increase space optimization – stackable solution.
  • would improve time optimization – less time spent delivering parts to the right location. 
  • would improve transport optimization – increase flow of product to line.

The Solution

Fabrication of modular towable and stackable solution to complement Flowtube system. 

The Outcome


The outcome for our client was as follows:

  • Improved flow of product to production line.
  • Reduction of storage space by 50%.
  • Reduced picking time by designing a returnable system to be used by the clients’ vendors when sending in parts. 
  • Safety and ergonomic improvements were made with the use of a stackable solution.
  • Visibility of inventory was now easier.


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