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Our client asked us to assist them with a solution for the loading and offloading of concrete samples. 

There were considerable safety concerns and in addition it was felt that the overall process was inefficient with some samples being handled multiple times unnecessarily. 


Irish-based construction materials testing laboratory.



Our Role

Help improve process both from a safety and ergonomics perspective and improve testing efficiency.  

The Challenges

Our customer felt that the overall process of manually loading and offloading of concrete samples was inefficient. Vehicles of different heights needed to be accommodated too.  In particular there were major safety concerns around the stacking of product and there was no storage system while testing was being carried out. Product was being handled multiple times which it was felt was unnecessary and not a good use of resources. 

The Solution

Our initial approach was to visit the client’s site to observe their current process.  

The solution consisted of designing and developing a 4-process solution which would reduce / eliminate manual handling. 

The Outcome


The outcome for our client was as follows:

  • Reduction of manual lifting by 83%.
  • With the use of a new sample carrier the manual lifting of samples was reduced.
  • Safety and ergonomic improvements supported with a height adjustable trolley and a conveyor workstation.
  • Visibility of inventory / scheduling sequence using first in first out.
  • Time waiting and searching for parts was reduced.


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